Kalajeera Brown Rice

105.00210.00 (Inc GST)

Kalajeera, also known as the ‘Prince of Rice’ is an aromatic variety. Originating from Orissa, this lowland scented rice variety looks like coriander seeds. It is believed to increase hemoglobin levels and the body metabolism. This fragrant grain has antispasmodic, stomachic, carminative, antibacterial, astringent and sedative properties. Ancient text explains that Kalajeera improves memory and controls diabetes.

Our Kalajeera was cultivated in a certified organic farm and artisan processed. It has not been through any processing other than sorting and cleaning and it is unpolished and so it retains much of its nutritional value..

The product is packaged in a Zipped Craft Paper pouch and sealed in a sterile environment.

Kalajeera Brown Rice
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