Etna has been curating, producing and delivering flavourful, nutritious and safe food and beverages that provide health and vitality since 2016.

We started out in 2013, wanting to do something we loved to do and were crazy about. We decided to search, curate and make beverages and food that were flavourful and nutritious and safe. Food that contributes to health and vitality.

We did not know food and foodstuff like we do now. We searched, we learned, we tried and we tested. Over three years of searching, learning, trying and testing, we developed the expertise and the relationships to get and make just the right stuff.

Etna is a growing collection of over 60 natural and organic food and beverage products for the discerning. Diligently sourced, carefully chosen, lovingly prepared.

Sustainability, Accountability and Wholeness are at the heart of our business.

And, we always take that extra step to get to the source of goodness…

Lalit Khorana
CEO & Co-Founder

An educator for over 30 years. Lalit is a passionate cook. He has been acknowledged as a saucier with a special touch. Lalit specializes in Awadhi, Italian and North American cuisine. He also doubles-up as etna’s Executive Chef.

Kavita Khorana
COO & Co-founder

Kavita has been an administrator and in wellness industry and a human resources specialist. She is an avid cook with a deft hand at making simple food. She specializes in north and south Indian street-food. She is also the taster for etna products.

Shailender Arora
Director & Co-Founder

Shailender has been a career Information Technology specialist for over 30 years. He has a deft hand at solving complex Technological glitches. He manages all of our company back office functions.