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Etna's Tea Boutique

A boutique of pure, blended and speciality Teas from the tea gardens of Assam and Darjeeling.

Chose your own Tea, Tea Blend or Flavour. Or ask for something special.

Nothing artificially flavored or experimental at Etna.

Just great and pure Teas, Tea Blends and 100% Natural Ingredients for spice and flavor.

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About Etna

Born out of a passion for healthy food and beverage. Etna is a result of over two years of experimenting, tasting and testing.

Yes, we have already done all the experimenting and testing for creating a special bouquet of boutique teas that are great thirst quenchers, a pleasure to have and healthy for your body and mind.

The pure teas from Etna contain just that – Pure Green or Black teas – for those who appreciate the natural character and freshness of Orthodox Leaf Teas.

In our Blended and Speciality Teas; we have taken great care and diligence in choosing the amount and proportions to create the best of character and body. The spices and herbs used are of high grade and quality and we use only the finest natural flavouring for that hint of freshness and fruity tinge.

Etna teas come in Pyramid Tea bags of two kinds; imported Food Grade Mesh bags and in 100% Unbleached Cotton Bags and as Loose Leaf tea.

Our tea bouquet

Etna's home bouquet

Be the Connoisseur; express yourself, be fulfilled.

Quench that everyday thirst for great tea or that urge to have and share the all time classic pure teas and blends.

Have any of from the Home Bouquet teas or ask for the whole Home Bouquet.


Etna’s presentation bouquet

Be Exclusive; make a mark, stand out.

Have them yourself or make a great gift of them.

Choose whichever of the twelve you want from
our Presentation Bouquet or we will make a combo
of your choice exclusively for you.


Etna’s Home Bouquet

A bouquet of teas for everyday drinking and serving.

Our Home Bouquet is made-up of pure, blended and speciality teas from the tea gardens of Assam and Darjeeling.

All of Etna’s Home Bouquet Teas are blended with carefully chosen and measured ingredients' to provide that unique flavour and aroma - without interfering with the taste and character of the base Tea or Tea Blends.

Etna Darjeeling Green

You could turn out ‘exy and enjoy the gift of good health along with the pure taste, aroma and earthy flavour of 100% Green Orthodox Leaf Tea.

Etna’s Royal Brew

Etna Earl Grey is a true-blue blend of chosen leaf teas and that natural fruity flavor unique to bergamot oranges.

Etna’ s‘Very Special Kahwa

Yes. A very potent brew. The real Kashmiri Kahwa. A warm friend in winters. A thirst quencher of no equal anytime.

Etna’s Kadak Chai

The traditional English Breakfast Tea; for that first Kadak cup on Sunday. Or any day. To cap that precious first meal. Or anytime. With anything, or nothing. Etna’s blend of well chosen, well matched Indian teas.

Etna Hot ‘n Spicy

The simple Masala Chai. But uniquely blended by Etna with whole spices. Anytime favorite and a great refresher all the time.

Etna’s Presentation Bouquet.

A bouquet of Speciality Teas and Blends; crafted for you and packaged for you... really, chose any or more from this bouquet of speciality teas in addition to any of our Home Bouquet blends and we will custom package of combo for you...

Assam Black - Second Flush Assam black leaf tea.

Assam Green - Second Flush Assam green leaf tea.

Darjeeling Black Tea - Second Flush Darjeeling black leaf tea.

Ginger Cardamom Tea – Second Flush Assam Black Tea with real Ginger and Cardamom.

Holi Basil (Tulsi) Tea – Second Flush Darjeeling Green with real Tulsi.

Hot Cinnamon Tea - Second Flush Assam Black Tea with real Cinnamon.

Honey Lemon Tea - Second Flush Darjeeling Green flavored with Honey and Lemon.

Jasmine Green Tea - Second Flush Darjeeling Green with natural Jasmine flavour.

Lemongrass Tea – Second Flush Green or Black Tea with natural Lemongrass flavor.

Lemon Tea – Second Flush Green or Black Tea with Lemon flavor.

Mango Mania Tea – Second Flush Green or Black Tea with Mango flavor.

Passion Fruit Tea – Second Flush Green or Black Tea with Passion Fruit flavor

Where'n how

Where and how

Etna products are available only on order and only on web, by email and by phone order.

For email orders please write to us on with delivery address including PIN Code, phone number and product name and the quantities you want to buy.

For order on phone, please call us on
+91 11 4357 5209

For web orders, please bear with us for some time. Our eCommerce site is under construction and will be up and live soon.

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